My Mommy is...

Sophia has drawn some pictures for her Mommy to show her exactly how much she loves her! Follow Sophia's story inside, and see how much fun they have together!

'My Mommy Is...' is a fun story showcasing the relationship between a Mother and Daughter. The hand drawn illustrations, inspired by children’s drawings, help to display their relationship in a colourful, engaging way and show how much of a bond they have with each other.

Published: 21 March. 2023
ISBN: 9781838411138
Length: 28  Pages
Dimensions: 21.59 x 0.18 x 21.59 cm

'A nice, straightforward book that can help shape and mould self-affirmations when reading along with the little one. The clear text and bright pictures make it easy to follow along and return to. My daughter loves it whether it's me or her Mommy reading with her.'

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