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Little Milo Books is the home of diverse, inspiring story books for children of all ages. 
Our aim is to create positive, reflective stories that include themes such as friendship, self identity, acceptance and much more...

Take a look at our gallery below to see a sneak peek of all of our books…Hope you enjoy!

Our Latest Books

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Power Up Penny!

Penny and her Dad are cleaning out the Attic when they find his favourite childhood game. Suddenly, she get warped into the game! will she be able to defeat the evil King Orion and return home safely!?

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My Daddy Is...

Joshua has decided to draw some pictures to show his Daddy how much fun they have together and how much he love him…follow joshua’s story inside!

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Santana And Amari’s Big Adventure

At School, Amari and Rio meet a young girl named Santana and her best friend Milo. They realise the have a lot in common and then head off on an adventure to help Santana's friend, Maya, find her parents! 

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