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Little Milo Books

Little Milo Books was established in 2021 with the aim to become a hub for positive, diverse, unique story books for children. With such a small percentage of published childrens books in 2019 featuring ethnic minority main characters (Only 5%), we will aim to address this imbalance by creating stories that feature ethnic minority characters in prominent positions, but first and foremost, the main objective of Little Milo Books is to  create inspiring, engaging stories that appeal to all. 

Why Little Milo Books?

"I think that young children can be influenced by what they see and hear around them so early on in their lives, so I’m using my love of illustration to create characters and stories that will be positive and enjoyable for all...

I believe that representation and diversity is so important to not only children of colour, but to those of all races. Seeing someone that looks like you, doing positive things in a positive way can help to reinforce the self belief that they have in themselves about who they are.

Steven Bryant - Creator

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