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My Mommy Is..

Sophia has drawn some pictures for her Mommy to show her exactly how much she loves her! Follow Sophia's story inside, and see how much fun they have together! follow her story inside as they play, laugh and much more!

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Power Up Penny!

Penny and her Dad are cleaning out the Attic when they find his favourite childhood game. Suddenly, she get warped into the game! will she be able to defeat the evil King Orion and return home safely!?

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My Daddy Is...

Joshua has decided to draw some pictures to show his Daddy how much fun they have together and how much he love him…follow joshua’s story inside as they play, laugh and much more!

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Santana And Amari’s Big Adventure

At School, Amari and Rio meet a young girl named Santana and her best friend Milo. They realise the have a lot in common and then head off on an adventure to help Santana's friend, Maya, find her parents! 

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Amari’s Brand New Look!

Join Amari and Rio on a grand adventure as Amari decides that he wants to look a little different than he usually does! Follow them together and find out if Amari finds a brand new look!

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Santana’s Bad Hair Day!

Join Santana and Milo on a great adventure of discovery, as Santana searches far and wide for the perfect hairstyle! Will she find the best one for her in the end?

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